Astral Angler by maria walton

Astral Angler 

(The Perfection of Wisdom)

We have been cast 

into the the vast Ocean

of Existence― 

from the Infinite Stillness

into the Living Universe

from the Unembodied,

into the Flowering Galaxies

of Stars and Blooming Nebulas―

into the Midst of the

Mystery Unfolding

by the Mother of All Buddhas,

by the All― 

the Source

of Infinite Existence.

And now,

She slowly reels us in

from Living Experience

into Her Fold,

pulling us back

from the Breathing Atmosphere

to the Keep,

from the Earth Body

to the 

Center of Becoming,

drawing us evernear 

to Her, 

her enormous wings

brushing the still surface

of the clear Lake of Being,

gentling us hither

with the soft,

slow sweetness of eddying currents, 

as we slip across the ripples

of time and light

like the burning fire 

of autumn leaves 

set adrift 

on a Karmic Wind

until finally,

at Death, 

we sink

like Jewels 

into Mud―

precious Golden Roe

enfolded into our 

Eternal Home, 

resting within the warm, 

silty palm of the 

Riverbed of Samputa―

the Celestial Spawning Place,

recapturing and rebirthing 

all of Life endlessly

completing the Circle 

again and again,

always returning 

to the 

Sacred Singularity― 


Velvet Womb 

of Everything 

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