L’Amuse Bouche (In the Sugarbush – A Prologue) by maria waltOn

L’Amuse Bouche (In the Sugarbush:  A Prologue)

The fruits borne of the tree of analysis are flavorless,

but valuable—  and sometimes beautiful,

like Renoir’s “Basket of Fruit”.

But it is within the womb of synthesis

that luscious beauty is born—

As the heart softly dawns on the horizon

of experience and sees itself anew

in the clear, shimmering starlight.

Full of the magic of ancient alchemy is the sweet forest—

Cosmic magic—

Moon magic—

Wolf magic—

The magic of the call and response between

ourselves and the elixir of life—

The frozen magic of stillness and falling snow—

Like champagne glitter                                       





of                     the                                        


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