An Awakening Poem by maria walton


in the hall of the eternal present
all things are available
to be known—

All of existence is here
in the fountain
of emerging moments
for the apprehension 
of all who see
the turning of the wheel
and understand
its emptiness

As I watch the crow
I realize— 

We are all here together
inside of forever
interbeing one another—

I am
because of you,
apart from you
and a part of you—
I am the embodiment of love
made by hundreds of thousands
of myriads of millions
of living breathing beings over eons
of time fields—

I am all the stars. 

I am the loamy roots of the Earth
and a hillside of cherry blossoms— 
I am the salt in the sea and the soft kiss
of a gentle wind 
on your face—

I feel the feathers
of the Dharma’s enormous wings
brush my cheek—

in the heart of belonging,
I return to my celestial home—
I return
to the Breath—

The river of the Dharma flows
in, around, and through me—

And I am nothing— 
I am everything— 
I am the Dharma

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