Spring Equinox Equanimity Phrases & A New Spring Poem

It seemed appropriate given the arrival of the spring equinox and the current state of the world to revisit the equanimity phrases that I use in my practice in hope it might be of benefit to some of you.

May I have peace in the midst of conflict

May I have wisdom in the midst of ignorance

May I have compassion in the midst of suffering

May I have tranquility in the midst of chaos

And may I have serenity in the midst of change

Breathe in loving awareness

Breathe out gratitude

(Repeat as needed)

(Spring Equinox: The Dragon Emerges)

First Day of Spring

It snowed today —sweet

fresh petals of white cherry

blossoms drifted

down like snowflakes—

lovely lilting blessings

softly settling gentle kisses

on the Earth’s waiting

softest lips

Happy Spring Everyone!

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