“Emptiness” by Maria Walton

It’s all about the negative space now— the shapes made within and between the branches of our lives. I never could see it before, or only glimpses— all foreground, blinded by the obvious beauty of form and sense— black lines against a grey sky missing the interplay of polygons and the fantastic show of kaleidoscopic … Continue reading “Emptiness” by Maria Walton

Spring Equinox Equanimity Phrases & A New Spring Poem

It seemed appropriate given the arrival of the spring equinox and the current state of the world to revisit the equanimity phrases that I use in my practice in hope it might be of benefit to some of you. May I have peace in the midst of conflict May I have wisdom in the midst … Continue reading Spring Equinox Equanimity Phrases & A New Spring Poem

Traveler, There is No Path

Traveler, There Is No Pathby Antonio Machado Everything passes on and everything remains, But our lot is to pass on,To go on making paths,Paths across the sea.I never sought glory,Nor to leave my songIn the memory of man;I love those subtle worlds,Weightless and graceful, As bubbles of soap.I like to watch as they paint themselvesIn … Continue reading Traveler, There is No Path

An Awakening Poem by maria walton

Homecoming Here,  in the hall of the eternal present all things are available to be known— All of existence is here in the fountain of emerging moments for the apprehension  of all who see the turning of the wheel and understand its emptiness As I watch the crow I realize—  We are all here together … Continue reading An Awakening Poem by maria walton