Dharma Talk

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Dharma talk is a casual Buddhist study group designed to create space for exploration of Buddhist teachings and topics in a comfortable and supportive environment where we can feel free to ask practice-related questions of one another, and be supported by the ideas and insights of others on the Path, so that we might develop and deepen our practices together for the benefit of ourselves— and all beings everywhere.

All meetings will be held from 5 to 7 PM on the first Sunday evening of each month unless otherwise indicated. Zoom links to join meetings will be posted on this page the day of the event. I will post readings and resources for upcoming meeting topics on this page as well. If you want to add resources to any month’s reading materials, please email them to me and I will post them along with the other materials submitted for any given month. Please select short-ish articles or selections for the group to discuss, and/or if you are interested in bringing a book into the discussion, please select a passage or a small group of pages for the others to read and consider beforehand. As you work your way through the readings, make note of any questions or comments to bring to discussion.

June 5th 2022 Discussion Topics: Impermanence, Emptiness, & Dependent Arising

June Discussion Materials:

The Heart Sutra – Any and all translations are helpful to take in, but we will specifically be looking at:

The Other Shore – A new translation by Thich Nhat Hanh of the Heart Sutra (pp. 15-29),(pp. 30-41)

Essence of the Heart Sutra – By Tenzin Gyatso the Fourteenth Dalai Lama (Just get through as much as possible) This one is available on Audible and has a whole bunch of explanatory information at the beginning which is really helpful for anyone who’s having a hard time getting their minds around some of this stuff.

“Homecoming” – By Maria Walton: You can find this one on the Bonsai Sangha page under the heading, ”An Awakening Poem”. This was my poetic response to the Heart Sutra teachings, and it expresses some of the ideas that we will be talking about. So I thought I might add it to the list of resources, in case anyone found it interesting or illuminating, and wanted to make any comments or refer to it during discussion.

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Topic: Dharma Talk : Topic 1, Session 2 (6/5/22) 
Time: 5pm-7pm 1st sundays monthly 

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